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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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my life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today a driver for uber, the online ride-hailing service, was charged with murdering six people in kalamazoo, michigan. prosecutors say 45-year-old jason dalton has confessed. the dead, apparently shot at random, range in age from 17 to 74. two others were wounded and anna werner has the details. >> the defendant did murder mary lou nye. >> reporter: it took nearly ten minutes for a kalamazoo judge to read the 16 counts against former uber driver jason brian dalton. >> the defendant did murder ba barbara hawthorne. >> reporter: dalton sat expressionless on closed circuits tv from his jail cell. >> do you understand the charges being made against you?
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>> reporter: police allege dalton's shooting rampage began at a town home complex aroundtu 6:00 p.m. saturday night. victim tiana carruthers was shot but survived. 12-year-old joi coleman was there with her. >> when she asked, "joi, help me,' i couldn't help her because i knew i was going to be shot,s go too, because he didn't stop i wanted to help her, but i h couldn't. >> reporter: roughly four hours after this first shooting, investigators say dalton killed 53-year-old richard smith and his 17-year-old son tyler, a high school senior, who were looking at cars at a kalamazoo dealership eight miles away. >> reporter: less than 20 minutes later, authorities say dalton showed up at a cracker barrel restaurant and shot five more people in the parking lot. four women died, 60-year-old mary jo nye, a retired high school teacher, and her sister- in-law, 62-year-old mary lou nye, a retired mother of two. 68-year-old barbara hawthorne,
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food company after 22 years, and 74-year-old dorothy brown, who was retired and helped seniors with their finances. matt mellen was one of the lastwa passengers dalton picked up that night before his arrest. >> we were kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along, and then finally once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away.n >> reporter: uber confirms to cbs news that some passengers called the company on saturday night complaining about dalton's erratic behavior. james block is dalton's neighbor and friend of 17 years. >> the guy, friendly, family man.mi he loved his kids. >> reporter: well, that friend was also surprised to hear that police found a large group of weapons at dalton's home. and an unbelievable survival story tonight: the prosecutor- tells us a 14- year-old girl who was shot, and is in critical condition in the hospital tonight, was originally declared dead. she was on life support awaiting
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scott, she squeezed her mother's hand. >> pelley: anna werner with the story for us tonight inla kalamazoo. anna, thank you. to presidential politics now. republican donald trump, fresh off a victory in south carolina on saturday, has a big leadin heading into tomorrow's caucusesad in rival ted cruz had to put out a fire today after a top aide violated the commandment against bearing false witness. here's dean reynolds. >> reporter: after weeks of accusations that he's running a deceitful campaign, the texasxa senator fired the man in charge of his communications and messaging. >> i have made clear in this campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the very highest standards of integrity. that has been how we've conducted it from day one. >> reporter: rick tyler's departure was triggered by a video of marco rubio walking byub a cruz campaign worker reading the bible.
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social media that said rubio told a staffer, "not many answers in it," which the rubio took as a dig at the senator's religion. an apology followed, but cruz dismissed tyler anyway and then called out his rivals. >> if other candidates choose to go into the gutter, we will not do the same.o >> reporter: as the republican field has narrowed and the stakes have risen, the bitterness among the three leading campaigns has deepened.en rubio, in a bid to consolidate mainstream republican support, called the cruz campaign "absolutely deceptive" and a super pac supporting the senator lumped cruz together with trump and found both unacceptable. >> trump: erratic, unreliable. cruz: calculated, underhanded. >> reporter: trump trained all of his fire on cruz, unleashing a storm that called the texasst senator "the biggest liar in politics" who should be disqualified as the winner of the iowa caucuses.
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campaign released a defiant memo that shed some light on the campaign's thinking going forward. foremost is the belief that marco rubio cannot defeat donald trump, that rubio has yet to win any state anywhere and that ted cruz has more money in the bank, scott, to continue to fight. >> pelley: dean reynolds covering the campaign in las vegas. dean, thanks very much. polling shows that hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders nearly two-to-one in next saturday's primary in south carolina. she won nevada over the weekend by five points, putting her back on track after her drubbing in new hampshire. here's nancy cordes. >> reporter: yes, that is former president clinton bouncing for joy with campaign staffers in nevada. after his wife stormed the vegas strip for two days and then won the state's most populace county by ten points. do you think secretary clinton just out-hustled you a little
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>> no, i don't, as a matter of fact. we had three rallies the night before--ud look, i'm very proud of what we did. >> reporter: still, the loss isd a blow for sanders, who is tiedle with clinton in the delegate count until you factor in super delegates, top party officials who are free to back either candidate. that gap will grow if clinton prevails, as expected in south carolina.ut in texas this weekend, she accused sanders of misleading voters about his plans. >> i don't think it's right to look a person in the eye who is hurting and needs help and tell them that if they vote for you, you will get $5,000 in health care but only have to pay $500 for it. >> reporter: sanders stands byte his math. >> that's not misleading. that's the fact. >> reporter: but as you know, some liberal economists... >> no, these aren't liberal economists. check out who these liberal economists are and you're going to find out who funds them. >> reporter: the economists are four former top white house advisors who sent an open letter
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"extreme" claims about the benefit of his proposals couldun undermine the credibility of the progressive economic agenda. none of them are paid by the clinton campaign, though a couple did work for former president bill clinton. they say many economists share their concerns but sanders told us they didn't take the time to crunch the numbers themselves, and that plenty of experts side with him, scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks. well, crunching the delegate numbers for us is john dickerson, our cbs newser political director and anchor ofe "face the nation." john, huge primary nights coming on march 1st and march 15th. can anyone catch trump? >> reporter: well, marco rubio's strategy is that he's trying to claim he's the one mainstream alternative to donald trump, but he still hasn't won a contest and his best shot for a decisive win may not happen until march 15th when the more moderate electorates in ohio and florida vote. before that, rubio has to beatte
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kasich for the mainstream title, and do well enough to survive on super tuesday, march 1st, when 11 states vote, many of which have electorates that favor donald trump and ted cruz. >> pelley: trump might have a lot of momentum coming off of march 1st then? >> reporter: that's right. and ted cruz though hopes-- allcr his chips are riding on march 1st, as well on super tuesday.'s that's when his home state of texas votes, as well as otherat states like alabama, arkansas, oklahoma and tennessee, which have a large share of strong conservatives and evangelical voters, groups he does well with. but, that strategy took a blow saturday in south carolina because it has an electorate with that same makeup and where cruz went head-to-head with donald trump and he still lost by 11 points. >> pelley: john dickerson, anchor of "face the nation," john, thank you for the insight. today, the u.s. and russia agreed to a partial cease-fire in syria to start on saturday, but it won't stop the fighting.
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the al qaeda affiliate called al-nusra, were not included in the agreement because they're terrorist groups, and about one- third of syria is held by isis. yesterday, isis claimed responsibility for bombs that killed at least 100 in suburban damascus, and our elizabeth palmer is there. >> reporter: all day, the men of sayeeda zainab carried blast victims to their graves. on the faces of the women, shock and grief. these friends are mourning 22- year-old fatima. "our hearts are broken," they say.e "what did she do to deserve to die?"er but there was anger and frustration, too. at the bomb site, local residents had pitched in to clean up and make the street safe again, but furious that isis had managed to smuggle three bombs into their tightly knit community.
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off.we it was a car bomb, about four in the afternoon, just as the kids were getting home from school. and the scope of the damage is epic. the fronts of the buildings have been blown clear off. and everybody that lives inside and the merchants who ran thear shops on the ground floor,od they're all dead. this video shows the frantic moments right after one of the explosions. survivors rushing to help the wounded. you might think people who have witnessed such carnage and who today are burying more than 100 family members and friends would welcome a pause in the violence.t not so. are you optimistic that there will be some kind of truce? "no way," abu mahran tells me. and everyone in the crowd agrees. "we don't want a cease-fire until all the terrorists are outnt of our country." it's not a good sign for this
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citizens are not on side. and the people we spoke to today, scott, are very skeptical about this proposed cease-fire. they say in a war this complex and savage, there's just no wayrd to coordinate all the factions laying down their arms. >> pelley: liz palmer with a rare report from inside syria. liz, thank you. well, today the u.s. supreme court met for the first time in 30 years without justice antonin a scalia. his empty seat today was a reminder of the political battle over how to fill it. and here's our chief legal correspondent, jan crawford. >> reporter: justice scalia's seat on the bench now is draped with a black cloth as the justices return to work, the first time any of the eight havee served on the court without theca larger-than-life scalia. started the morning session withn
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the 79-year-old scalia was laidda to rest on saturday after a funeral mass led by his son paul, a catholic priest. now, the fight over hisso successor begins in earnest. the president is reviewing files of possible nominees, while republican leaders are vowing to t block anyone the president sends up. democrats accuse republicans of being obstructionist, but when democrats controlled the senate, and republican george h.w. bush was in the white house, then-chai judiciary committee chairman joe biden proposed the same thing republicans are doing now. >> once the political season is under way, and it is, action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. r co grassley, a republican, immediately agreed. >> in his heart of hearts, he understands why this senate must do what he said it must do in 1992.
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it's taken about a month for a nomination, but scott, the president is likely the move more quickly than that. >> pelley: jan crawford at the court for us tonight. jan, thank you. fares as low as a dollar have drawn millions of passengers to mega-bus. well, yesterday one of its buses burned outside chicago. everyone got out safely, but th this has happened before, and we asked don dahler to take a look. >> reporter: sunday's megabus fire began with a blown tire. flames engulfed the bus. >> it was very horrifying. everybody running down the highway. it was terrible. >> reporter: this wasn't the new jersey-based company's first brush with tire-related in 2012, a 25-year-old graduate student in illinois was killed in this crash, allegedly causedlo by a blown tire. 47 47 passengers were hospitalized. there have been at least five other incidents involving blownnc
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this one in 2014 that caused the bus to slam into a guardrail on i-95. at least one lawsuit has been filed claiming there is a problem with the buses carrying too much weight. clarence ditlow is with the center for auto safety. how does weight affect tires and tire safety? >> if a bus is overweight, in a worst-case scenario, the tiresf can rub against the wheelwell, which generates friction, heat and ultimately a >> reporter: in the last 24 months, safety inspectors found 29 maintenance violations considered an imminent hazard toid megabus drivers or passengers. megabus says it carries ten million people a year in its i fleet of 275 buses. and released a statement saying: the federal agency that oversees bus travel issued an advisory about overloaded buses in 2012, but ditlow says that's not's enough. >> if one of these buses had been in heavy traffic before it could pull off to the side of
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a catastrophic fire before theta people could get out of the bus to safety. >> reporter: ditlow says the buses are weighed to make sure they comply with safety limits, but scott, that happens beforewi they're loaded with passengers and >> pelley: don dahler, thank you very much. breast cancer rates remain the same, so why is there a big increase in mastectomies? and, a centenarian dances with joy after achieving a lifelonga dream when the "cbs evening news" news" unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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increased by 36% over a decade, even though the rate of cancer, breast cancer, has stayed the same. dr. jon lapook is looking into this. jon, what's going on? >> reporter: scott, cancers ha doctors have noticed this trend. over the last several years, theeral jump in the overall mastectomy r rate is fueled by several se things, including greateren awareness generated by celebrities like angelina jolie and rita wilson, who have gone public with their decision to have preventive mastectomy. also breast reconstructive surgery has gotten a lot better over the years and the cosmetic result is usually excellent. in addition, we now emphasize genetic risk and family history, and with that information, many women just want to lower their risk as much as possible. and finally, many women want to be done with all the screening, which carries the risk of false positives, unnecessary biopsies and a lot of worry. scott, this is all part of what we're seeing more and more of these days, which is specialized and personalized medicine, which is giving women more choices in their own treatment decisions. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook.
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>> pelley: today the c.d.c. said it underestimated there cancer risk from some laminatete flooring sold by lumber liquidators. turns out the risk is more than three times greater than the agency reported just two weeks ago. concerns were first raised by a "60 minutes" investigation. the american kennel club is outnn with its annual list of the most popular dog breeds, and for the 25th straight year, the labrador retriever is on top. t that's followed by the german shepherd, the golden retriever, the bulldog and the beagle. but most popular of all, of, course, is the mutt, accounting for more than half the canines in america. up next, the day virginia mclaurin thought she would never see. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored byis pacific life. for life insurance, annuities
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two visits today... and two more tomorrow. republican presidential hopefuls are making a last minute push in >> >> pelley: virginia mclaurin turns 107 next month. and she wanted more than anything to meet the president. so she wrote to him, even offered to go to his house if it would make it easier. here's chip reid. >> reporter: oh, yes she is! 106. and in this video released bywh the white house, virginia mclaurin was so excited to meete the president and first lady,
6:27 pm
they. >> reporter: for one thing, she still volunteers 40 hours a week at a nearby school as a foster grandparent. today, we found her sitting in the sun outside her apartment in washington, d.c. when you first saw him, you just shouted. >> i sure did. >> reporter: shouted for joy? >> for joy. it's all in my soul. it was the greatest time of my life. >> reporter: and what a life it's been. watching as the world changed around her. >> it's come a long way, you know that? >> reporter: did you ever think there would be a black president? >> i did not. >> reporter: you did not? >> i did not think it would ever be a black president. >> reporter: and now she's met one. >> reporter: what was the besting part of meeting the president and the first lady? >> that i felt like i made it.
6:28 pm
and i felt like i could die happy. >> reporter: and with this dance, she made millions of others happy, too. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> pelley: that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good nig coverage you can count on" dr. ben carson: "i've become convinced as i've looked under the hood of the engine that runs america that it is in critical conditions." sen. rubio:"i will be a president for all americans!" republican presidential candidates are in northern nevada tonight just before the silver state's g-o-p caucus tomorrow. campaign 2016 coverage tops channel 2 news at 6:30. our republican caucus tomorrow will put nevada back in the national spotlight...and candidates took advantage of
6:29 pm
around the area. good evening i'm kristen remington. and i'm landon miller, thanks for joining us tonight. marco peppermill in explaining why he is the best choice to turn the country around. erin breen was there and bring us the details on his push for the presidency. marco rubio was a little late for the rally in reno today...jetting in from elko. but local supporters filled the time. including lieutenant governor mark hutchison...who reminded everyone of the importance of attending the dean heller. that warmed up the crowd for the main event. marco...marco...marco.....and don't say polot! ha ha he outlined his conservative platform...and he referenced our senate race.... rubio: you know what i'm excited about? at this time next year joe heck will be your senator ...and it won't be harry reid any more! " and he hit on the issue of land ownership here. rubio: whem i am president of the united states i will be the first president in a very long time who blieves that the government shouldn't own a
6:30 pm
state of nevada." raaah" while implementing that would be a whole other most of his address...most in the crowd supported it. dave camp:"we thought it was agreat...we've liked him for a long time and wanted to support him." chris camp:"inpsirational! even better in personal...i really like his messagea and he's uplifiting it;s nice in these negative days to hear someone so positive." barbara jones:"he's a nice likeable guy but i'm really for ted cruz. mostly because of the immigration issue...and our security." and afterward he talked about the importance of winning nevada. rubio:" it looks like a lot of the folks who were supporting governor bush are now onbvoard with us and we have a lot of energy here right now...we feel good about it. " he plans to be in las vegas for the caucus tomorrow. covering 2 news. and fellow candidate ben carson spoke to a crowd of more than 400 at piper's opera house in virginia city this morning. the


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